Our electronic locks are standard part of Stansefabrikken’s range for intelligent private and residential mailboxes. With Stansefabrikken Products being the market leading provider for mailboxes in Norway our locks are sold nationwide.

Habo, the Scandinavian market leading supplier of private mailboxes, with Idbox locks in 2023
( www.habo.com )

In store Click & Collect installed in all their 140 stores througout the Nordic countries.
( www.power.com )

The European market leading company JOMA Mailboxes from Spain with their high quality range and with export to more than 36 countries.

Singleton Labs is a software development company specializing in wireless connectivity and data analytics. Singleton delivers full solutions including firmware, Apps, Cloud and Support. As our close IT partners Singleton offers a 24/7 online support.
( http://www.singleton-labs.com )


PostCube has chosen our electronic locks for their parcel boxes and ongoing roll out throughout the Czech Republic.
(www.topmonks.com )

One key for all purposes! Use Unlock`s key to open your mailbox. Integration has been carried out.
( https://unloc.app )

Postnord is the largest courier of parcels in all the Nordic countries.
A full system integration with Postnord will be completed 2nd Q of 2022.
( www.postnord.com )

Together with the Nordic market leading companies Komplett, Postnord and Safe4 Group we have been chosen as partner for Sintef’s upcoming national reasearch project focusing on safe home deliveries of parcels and fresh food.
( https://www.sintef.no )  ( https://www.safe4.com ) ( https://www.komplett.no )